4 Ways to support your partner to live healthier

We've all seen happy, fit couples who chop salad ingredients together, post complicated yoga partner poses on Instagram

 and constantly compare their daily step counts. But what happens when one half of a couple embarks on a life-changing fitness journey while the other half remains firmly glued to the couch? There's no shame in doing so, but if you put in a lot of effort to be healthier and happier while your partner doesn't, it can lead to disconnection and, eventually, worry or responsibility for their health.

Here we bring you 4 tips and ways to help your partner live a healthy life without making you, or your partner, cringe

Evaluate Your Expectations

Take a look at your own expectations before enrolling your partner in a yoga class or secretly replacing lunch meat with tofu. Putting too much emphasis on "changing" your partner can sometimes cause more problems than any lifestyle differences between you. Instead of forcing your partner to do your favourite workouts, assist him or her in finding something that works better for him or her.

 Try positive reinforcement

Telling your partner that they never go to the gym and only eat fast food will not entice them to start going to the gym or eating less fast food. Instead, tell them you appreciate how they prioritise time with their friends or their busy careers, and that they, too, deserve to take time for themselves, whether it's going to the gym or going for a walk

 Make plans for enjoyable extravagances

Being a fit couple does not require you to give up your favourite foods. Plan to enjoy a special dessert or cocktail once a week, and then take the time to truly enjoy it and each other! Having a weekly treat to look forward to will help you stay committed to your healthy lifestyle the rest of the time

 Focus on the perks

Help your partner fall in love with healthy living by focusing on the benefits rather than the weight loss or treadmill miles things like having more energy or sleeping better. Show your partner how much fun you have working out and cooking delicious meals. And of course, forget about one of the most significant advantages of living a healthy lifestyle: more active years together


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