Ertugrul Ghazi vs Pakistani Dramas



Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi (Dirilis Ertugrul in Turkish) which has been dubbed in Urdu for Pakistanis has turned into a massive hit. There is barely anyone who is not following the drama. While some people are enjoying watching it in Urdu, there are so many others who have already completed watching an entire season on other platforms. This is not the first time that a Turkish serial got so much appreciation in Pakistan. When Turkish dramas were aired for the first time in Pakistan a few years back, no one could have guessed that they would get such an overwhelming response.At that time, many celebrities, as well as Pakistani producers, started a movement against airing Turkish dramas on prime time. They were of the opinion that such a decision would hurt the Pakistani drama industry which was just recovering from the onslaught of Indian dramas. Pakistani producers definitely see Turkish dramas as competition. Once they are dubbed in Urdu, their reach and fan following cannot be limited.One thing is for sure that Pakistanis like watching foreign content. Even though the celebrities think airing foreign dramas in Pakistan is a move that does not help the industry, the people at the helm of affairs definitely do not think so. The people of Pakistan also, obviously welcome such moves by giving such dramas massive viewership. Even with all the opposition a year after Turkish dramas had first gone on air on Pakistani channels, seven Turkish series was being aired on prime time on various channels in Pakistan.

PTV home is not even considered a competitor when we talk about Pakistani dramas. There was a time when there was no channel other than PTV, those days are long gone. There is tough competition now and clearly PTV failed to provide the viewers with the kind of dramas that would keep them hooked. The channel which was considered the pioneer of Pakistani dramas is now airing a Turkish series dubbed in Urdu. Not only this, but they are also going to break a world record very soon because of this Turkish series! Due to the viewership which Ertugrul Ghazi brought with it, PTV’s YouTube channel’s subscriptions have soared and every episode of the series breaks the rating charts.

It is safe to say that the Pakistani viewers have given their verdict. They love this new Turkish series and they would definitely not mind watching a few more such Turkish dramas. Shaan Shahid, on the other hand, has once again shown his displeasure with the decision. Jibran Nasir too shared his thoughts on the issue. But guess what! All these Pakistani celebrities got was criticism from Ertugrul Ghazi fans!


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