Is Gohar Rasheed getting married to long-time friend Kubra Khan?

Talented and versatile Pakistani actor Gohar Rasheed has addressed the rumours that he is getting married to his long-time friend Kubra Khan.

Gohar Rasheed has left an indelible mark on both television and film.

He first gained widespread recognition for his remarkable performance in the critically acclaimed film Seedlings.

His acting prowess has graced popular dramas such as Digest Writer, Ishqiya, Mann Mayal, and Raaz E Ulfat.

Notably, he played a pivotal role in the immensely successful Pakistani cinematic masterpiece, The Legend of Maula Jatt.

Currently, Gohar Rasheed is enthralling viewers with his compelling roles in ongoing dramas like Jannat Se Aagey and Jindo continuing to earn the adoration of fans and critics alike.

Recently, he made an appearance on a talk show during which he delved into his close bond with his best friend Kubra Khan.

Addressing the topic, Gohar Rasheed expressed, “There is nothing between us, I have said this in my previous interviews as well. I also want to say that all the fans try to ship us together, but we have clarified on various occasions that we are just friends."

He continued, "There is nothing like that, she is like a family to me, she is an absolute family to me, I can take a bullet for her but that doesn’t mean that every good relationship should be converted into a marriage, some relationships should remain organic we are great friends, we share a great space, we respect each other."

He went on to say, "Currently, we are not in a headspace to think about marrying each other, we admire our relationship and our space, and we respect each other. Bollywood has influenced minds in a wrong way, a girl, and boy can be good friends. I and Kubra click on each other on the level of friendship, we are dear friends.”

When discussing the attributes he desires in a life partner, Gohar Rasheed said, "I value qualities such as understanding, professionalism, a strong work ethic, and compassion in a potential life partner."



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