Matthew Perry's fans pay tribute at Friends' iconic location

The news of Matthew Perry's passing has prompted devoted fans of the hit show 'Friends' to visit the iconic location where the sitcom was set.

The famous apartment building in Greenwich Village, beneath which the restaurant "Little Owl" is situated, has become a place of pilgrimage for these fans.

Many have left bouquets and heartfelt notes at the restaurant's doorstep to pay their respects.

Residents in the area have observed this outpouring of love from fans and noted that people are also taking the opportunity to enjoy a meal at the restaurant while visiting.

One insider mentioned, "The increased business is a positive for the establishment, but there is concern that it might become challenging to secure a table, especially for brunch and dinner."

This surge in attendance follows the untimely passing of Matthew Perry, who tragically passed away at the age of 54 due to an alleged heart attack, which resulted in a drowning incident in his Los Angeles home's jacuzzi.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time the restaurant has experienced an influx of visitors due to 'Friends.'

In 2019, during the show's 25th-anniversary celebrations, the location witnessed a massive crowd of fans who came to pay homage to the beloved characters.

However, at that time, residents voiced complaints about blocked sidewalks and damage to property as fans expressed their tributes.


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