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On the occasion, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Justice Gulzar Ahmed in his remarks said that he would answer only the questions asked in the reference. If the constitution says there will be secret ballot then it is over. Every state institution has to do its job within the limits.


The Chief Justice of Pakistan further remarked that there is never a gap in the law. When a law is repealed, the previous one is restored. The parties to the individual case will hear the case tomorrow. The Chief Justice said that the decision of secret ballot or open ballot would be taken by the parliament and they would not take the power of the parliament in their hands. Earlier, Barrister Salahuddin had argued in court on the presidential reference regarding open ballot that all the references filed till date were on constitutional crisis.

The court ruled that it was up to parliament to recognize or reject Bangladesh. The Indian Supreme Court delivered a notorious verdict in 2019. The Indian government had sought the opinion of the Supreme Court on the Babri Masjid. The Indian Supreme Court had refused to comment on the reference. Barrister Salahuddin further said that it is not written in the constitution who will conduct the election of the speaker.

The details of the Speaker's election are in the Rules. The election of the Speaker can be held under the Constitution. Why not the Senate? Ballot papers are never mentioned in the constitution. The law or rules contain all the details. Will the Senate Act not be held after the expiry of the Election Act 2017? Raza Rabbani told the court that no one can be forced to cast their vote, Senate elections cannot be held through temporary legislation. The Supreme Court had adjourned the hearing on the Senate Open Ballot Presidential Reference, which was completed today and the Supreme Court reserved its opinion on the Presidential Reference..

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