Top 5 travelling kit essentials for your journey

Toiletry bag

This multipurpose bag with soft & padded fabric, reliable zippers and velcro will give you a high-quality using experience which will last for a long time. It is not only waterproof and durable but also houses several segregated compartments of different uses. The built-in hook allows hanging the toiletry kit from the towel rack which allows you to display the bag and its products and ultimately saves counter space

Travel bottle set

Restricted allowance in terms of weight makes many people forgo their beauty kit/ skincare lotions in their luggage. However, this bottle set of 4 is specially designed keeping that in mind so that the required quantity can be poured into them and carried without a care in the world. They are ideal for lotions, gels, shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash and hand sanitizers as well

Toilet seat covers

WOMEN! Are you afraid of using public restrooms while travelling, or even in your offices? The obvious fear of a UTI can pose a serious threat to our overall well-being. This is where this star product comes into the picture. This toilet Seat Cover is best suited for public toilets which are not wet and where one needs to avoid direct contact with the seat. So, go grab it as soon a possible

Travelling pillow + Eye Mask

Tired of neck sprains and disturbed sleep on your flight? Worry not! This velvet neck pillow wraps gently around the neck, relaxing the head and neck muscles and provides super soft and best support simultaneously to the head, neck, and chin. It also comes with a premium quality eye mask to let you sleep like a baby

Toothbrush covers

The wellbeing of our toothbrush bristles is extremely vital for our dental hygiene. Travelling with so many products rubbing alongside in the bag can contaminate the brush and later, cause a lot of dental problems. So, this protective cover should be on your priority list for ensuring hygiene and overall better health


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