what is life?

What is life? A simple and straightforward answer is that the search for food, breeding and survival - but is this life really that simple?

What is life? Every time I think about it, I think of Hermann Hesse's novel "Flute Dream".

"Death is life and life is death. They are so tainted in each other's immortal and heartless struggle that this is the end of the story and this is the meaning of the world. From here arises the shadow that overshadows all happiness and beauty and draws its veil of darkness over it لیکن but joy emerges from this darkness and flares up beautifully and energetically, and love grows more and more hostile in this dark night. Kills- "


Then I think that life is the name of struggle, from this another idea emerges on the canvas of the mind,

Old man and the Sea

Hemingway calls this old life a struggle, whether it is failure or success - but only struggle; if you fail in return, be satisfied with it, but the inner voice says, "No! This is not the complete answer to the question." What is life? The philosopher argues but it is difficult to reach a conclusion, the poet writes in the Diwan but every time he sees a new form of life, the intellectual is preoccupied and a common man just walks away without recognizing it. Is it a mirage that keeps us going, or is life a test that every human being is trying to meet?


Once again a wave of thought strikes my mind, and in response to my question, I am reminded of Charlie Chaplin, who said that "life means" Charlie Chaplin "- that is," self-improvement, all your Identifying virtues and abilities - "This sounds like a good thing, but the full answer is not - is this life after all?"


Here a poet said, "Is there life or a storm", meaning life can be likened to a storm - when a storm comes then it doesn't matter - rich and poor, innocent and sinful, ordinary and special , Be it a child or a young man ... the storm engulfs everyone and blows them away - so life is something like this - every change can make a person's desires, dreams, quests and struggles fruitless and man The hand stays together.

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